Steps To Deliverance

Steps to Deliverance

  • Confess sin and make sure that you are a Born Again Saved Christian[more here]
  • Ask the Lord to fill you with the Holy Spirit[more here]
  • Repent of and renounce all evil, Including but not limited to: Witchcraft, occult bondage, ungodly soul ties and others that the Lord shows you. Repent of them even to the tenth generation of your ancestors also (Psalms 139: 21-22).[more here]
  • Make sure that you forgive others[more here]
  • Be honest with yourself and the Deliverance minister (Psalms 51).[more here]
  • Cast demons out
  • Learn and practice your authority in the Lord Jesus Christ[more here]

Steps to Keeping your Deliverance

  • Let Jesus be the Lord of your life in every area and yield yourself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit[more here]
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit (Baptism) and the Word of God (Eph 5:18)[more here]
  • Devour the Word of God. If available play the Word of God (audio) over your house 24 hours and seven days of week will help tremendously[more here]
  • Practice putting on the Armour of God found in Ephesians 6[more here]
  • Practice Binding and Loosing when you feel attack. Call the Deliverance Minister that was in charge of your deliverance if you feel you are overcome by evil spirits[more here]
  • Avoid sin at all costs
  • Cultivate Christian fellowship with the people that understand what you went through in deliverance. This would include the Minister that delivered you in the name of Jesus.Visit Pastor Dennis at Answers to Life !

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